Did you know that there are almost 90 different languages spoken in Ethiopia? The 2 most widely used languages are Oromo and Amharic. Amharic is the ‘working language’, the language used to conduct business or official correspondence. Amharic is an alphasyllabic writing system. This means that Amharic has letters (called ‘fidel’), but each letter represents a syllable or sound made from a consonant or consonant-vowel combinations. Amharic has a basic letter shape for consonants; a specific accent mark is added to the base consonant letter to indicate which vowel sound is paired with that consonant. Amharic does not have letters for individual vowels.

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Bonus Facts:
As primary, secondary, and university-level schools teach in Oromo, Amharic, or English some of the languages in Ethiopia are in danger of extinction.

The phrase “abugida”, which is used to describe alphasyllable writing systems originated from Ethiopian.

The glyph or accent mark added to letters are called diacritics.