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Did you know that Patty Smith Hill was born today in 1868? She was a music composer and teacher. Patty Smith Hill’s parents emphasized the importance of education and encouraged Patty to study hard. Eventually, she became a university professor and taught ways to improve education for young children. In 1893, she wrote a book with her sister called Song Stories for the Kindergarten. One of these songs was called “Good Morning to All”. While you may not know the words, you will certainly recognize the tune – it is used for the song “Happy Birthday to You”.

We hope that you have a harmonious day! Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.

Bonus Facts:
Patty Smith Hill started work as a kindergarten teacher, but eventually became the director of the Louisville Free Kindergarten Association. Later, she became part of the faculty at the Columbia University Teachers College where she taught for 30 years.

Patty Smith Hill developed a large set of blocks used in kindergarten. They came to be known as “Patty Hill Blocks”. Children could build structures they could interact with. The large blocks were easy for children to use and encouraged children to play cooperatively.

Patty Smith Hill’s sister was Mildred J. Hill.