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Did you know that Ed Yost was born today in 1919? He is known as the “Father of the Modern Hot-Air Balloon”. Hot-air balloon technology was invented in France in the 1780’s by the Montgolfier brothers. The air in the Montgolfier-style balloons were heated over a fire on the ground. This limited the balloonist’s control over the balloon and limited the range of the balloon. Ed Yost re-designed the hot-air balloon. He added burners for a portable heat source, vents for steering and landing, and gave the balloon the ‘tear drop’ shape we recognize today.

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Bonus facts:
Hot-air balloons fell out of favor once lighter-than-air gases such as helium and hydrogen were used to fill balloons.

Ed Yost flew the first prototype of the modern hot-air balloon in October 1955.

Ed Yost earned many aviation world records such as piloting a hot-air balloon across the Atlantic Ocean.