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Did you know that Angelo Secchi was born today in 1818? He was an Italian astronomer. He drew some of the first color illustrations of the surface of Mars and was the first to describe the channels or canali he saw there. Angelo Secchi also studied the Sun and was one of the first scientists to state that the Sun was a star. He observed solar eclipses, solar eruptions, and sun spot activity. Angelo Secchi discovered that stars can be categorized by the type of light they give off and created a system to organize the stars.

We hope that you have a stellar day. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.

Bonus facts:
Angelo Secchi also discovered 3 comets and studied craters on the surface of the moon and Mars. Both the Moon and Mars have craters named after Secchi.

The classification system Angelo Secchi created was eventually replaced by the Harvard System, but he is still considered the developer and founder of stellar classification.

Angelo Secchi also studied oceanography, meteorology, and physics. He helped to direct and perform technical work for the Papal government; he repaired water systems, surveyed roads, and constructed lighthouses.

Angelo Secchi invented the Secchi disk, which helps measure how transparent water is in the ocean.

For a time, Angelo Secchi taught and studied at Georgetown University in Washington DC.