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Did you know that in 1846 Adolphe Sax patented a new instrument, the saxophone?  A saxophone is mostly made of metal and has a mouthpiece similar to a clarinet.  A saxophonist (someone who plays the saxophone) changes the pitch by pressing on a key or tab that opens or closes a hole.  You can often find saxophones in military bands or jazz bands.

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Bonus facts:

Adolphe Sax invented other instruments including the saxotromba, saxhorn, and saxtuba.

Although it is mostly made of metal, the saxophone belongs to the family of woodwind instruments.  It has the flexibility and adaptability of a woodwind, but the ability to project sound like a brass instrument.

As a child, Adolphe survived many near-death situations including: falling from a three story building, poisoning, gunpowder explosions, falling into a river, and falling onto a hot cast iron pan.