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Did you know that Charles Roger Hargraves was born today in 1935? He was the author and illustrator of the Mr. Men and Little Miss book series. Roger Hargraves wrote 46 “Mr. Men” books and 33 “Little Miss” books. The first book, Mr. Tickle was created when Roger Hargraves’ son asked what a tickle looked like. Roger Hargraves had a difficult time finding a publisher, but he kept on trying. When he finally published his book, it was an instant success. The books have been translated in to 20 different languages and sold more than 85 million copies.

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Bonus Facts:
The “Mr. Men” series was published in 1971. At first Roger Hargraves had a difficult time finding a publisher, but when he did the books were instantly successful. The “Little Miss” series started in 1976. The Little Miss and Mr. Men books have appeared in television series.

Each of the “Mr. Men / Little Miss” books have 16-18 pages of text and 15-17 illustrations. The illustrations are drawn with a magic marker.

More than 85 million copies of the “Mr. Men / Little Miss” books have been sold worldwide. The series is translated into more than 20 languages.

The book Little Miss Twins was written for Hargraves’ twin daughters.

The Mr. Men and Little Miss series takes place in “Misterland”

Other series written by Roger Hargrave include John Mouse, Timbuctoo, Hippo Potto and Mouse, Roundy and Squarey, and Walter Worm.

After Roger Hargraves’ death in 1988, his son Adam Hargraves continued to write and illustrate more books for the series.