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Did you know that Wilhelm Röntgen was born today in 1845? He was the physicist who discovered X-rays. X-rays are used in medical science, chemistry, astronomy, airport security, art, and more. While performing other experiments, he noticed an unexpected glowing and hypothesized that they were caused by a new kind of electromagnetic radiation. He called them ‘X-rays’ after the mathematical label ‘x’, for something unknown. Wilhelm Röntgen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 for his discovery and research on X-rays. The chemical element 111 is named ‘roentgenium’ in his honor.

We hope that you have a day with unanticipated discoveries at school today. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.

Bonus Facts:
Sometimes X-rays are also called Röntgen rays and X-ray radiograms are called “Röntgenograms”.

The very first X-ray picture was taken by Wilhelm Röntgen. The image was of his wife’s hand.

Wilhelm Röntgen is considered the father of diagnostic radiology.

X-rays helped Rosalind Franklin discover the structure of DNA.

The 1901 Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded to Röntgen, was actually the first Nobel Prize in physics ever awarded.