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Did you know that in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the telephone? The word ‘telephone’ comes from the Greek words ‘tēle’ (τῆλε) which means ‘far’ and ‘phōnē’ (φωνή) which means ‘voice’. The telephone was the first invention that made voice communication across long distances possible. Now telephones use a microphone to record your voice and convert it to a digital signal that can be transmitted to another telephone. The telephone that receives that signal converts it back to sound using a speaker. As of 2009 there are almost 6 billion mobile and traditional telephone accounts worldwide!

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Bonus Facts:
While Alexander Graham Bell was granted the initial patent for the telephone, many other inventors and engineers were also working on the idea of transmitting human voice or other sounds telegraphically. Other scientists that studied and contributed to the modern telephone include: Antonio Meucci, Johann Phill Reis, Elisha Gray, Tivadar Puskas, and Thomas Edison.

The very first phones had direct wire connections between the two phones. Later, human switch board operators manually connected the telephone lines. Eventually automated systems, mobile phone systems, and telecommunication satellites were created to improve telecommunication technology.