Did you know that Frédérick Chopin was born today in 1810? He was a Polish music composer, music teacher, and prodigy pianist. Chopin gave his first public performance and composed his first songs around the age of seven. 230 of Chopin’s musical works still exist; many of his early works were lost. His music was inspired by Polish folk music, J.S. Bach, Mozart, and Schubert and were mostly written for a solo piano performance. Chopin’s music and ability were greatly admired during his lifetime; his music remains popular even today.

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Bonus Facts:
Frédérick Chopin wrote mazurkas, polonaises, waltzes, nocturnes, etudes, and sonatas. Most were for solo piano, but he did write a few concertos, chamber pieces, and songs with lyrics.

Frédérick Chopin preferred to perform in smaller, more intimate venues such as salons instead of large concert halls. As an adult, he gave performances in Berlin, Paris, England, and more.

Frédérick Chopin was friends with Franz Liszt and Chopin’s work was admired by other contemporary composers such as Robert Schumann.