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Did you know that Norman Rockwell was born today in 1894? He was an American painter, illustrator, and author. He created more than 4,000 paintings and illustrations for magazine covers and books, and advertisements. His artwork portrays idealistic or sentimental scenes of American life as well as serious subjects such as racism, essential human rights and freedoms, and justice. Some of his art work includes, “The Problem We All Live With” and the “Four Freedoms”. He received the Silver Buffalo Award from the Boys Scouts of America in 1939 and Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977.

We hope that you have an optimistic day at school today. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.

Bonus Facts:
The Norman Rockwell Museum is located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Norman Rockwell worked with the Boy Scouts of America and their Boys’ Life magazine for more than 60 years. He became the editor for Boys’ Life when he was 19 and served for a few years. Afterwards he continued to contribute artwork for the Boy Scouts for their annual calendars and other projects. In all he created 471 images for the Boy Scouts of America.

Norman Rockwell worked with The Saturday Evening Post for almost 5 decades. During that time, he created 323 original covers.