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Did you know that in 1967 the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union signed the Outer Space Treaty? The treaty lists how countries will use outer space and objects in outer space. One of the major promises was to not put weapons of mass destruction (such as nuclear weapons) in earth orbit or to install them on the moon or other celestial objects. Countries also agreed to peaceful space exploration that would benefit all countries, and that no countries could claim or ‘own’ parts of outer space. As of 2017 a total of 105 countries have joined the treaty.

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Bonus Facts:
The Outer Space Treaty is the basis and beginning of international space law.

While countries cannot claim celestial bodies as sovereign territory, objects launched into space, such as satellites, space stations, etc., are still under the jurisdiction of the country that launched the object into space. That country is also responsible and liable for any damage caused by their space object.

Another 24 countries have signed the treaty, but have not completed ratification.