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Did you know that Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac was born today in 1778? He was a French chemist and physicist. Guy-Lussac discovered that water is made of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (H2O). He was also the co-discoverer of the element boron. Gay-Lussace also studied a new element, described its properties, and suggested the name of iode, which means ‘violet-colored’. In a gaseous state, this element, iodine, is a purple-colored gas.

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Bonus Facts:
In 1804 Gay-Lussac and Jean-Baptiste Biot used a hot air balloon to collect samples of air at different altitudes to record the differences in temperature and moisture. They ascended to a height of more than 23,000 feet. Gay-Lussac discovered that the composition of gases does not change with decreasing pressure or increasing altitude.

Gay-Lussac also devised the relationship between pressure and temperature of a gas. He states that if the mass and volume of a gas is held constant, then gas pressure will increase linearly with increasing temperature. This is known as Gay-Lussac’s Law.

Gay-Lussac also studied alcohol-water mixtures which eventually led to ‘degrees Gay-Lussac’ which are used to measure the alcoholic content of beverages in some countries.

Gay-Lussac first met his wife, Genevieve-Marie-Joseph Rojot, while she worked as an assistant in a linen draper’s shop. She was reading a chemistry textbook she kept under the counter.

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac is one of the 72 scientists, engineers, and mathematicians honored by Gustave Eiffel. Their names are engraved on the Eiffel Towel, under the first balcony.