Did you know that C.S. Lewis was born today in 1898? He was a British author and professor of English Literature. C.S. Lewis wrote poetry, non-fiction essays and books, and fiction stories. One of his most popular books are the Chronicles of Narnia, which have been translated into over 41 different languages, sold more than 100 million copies, and have been made into movies, television shows, and theater plays.

We hope that you have an inspiring day at school today. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.

Bonus Facts:
C.S. Lewis’ name is Clive Staples Lewis. As a boy, his dog Jacksie was struck by a car and killed. Lewis insisted on being called ‘Jacksie’, and eventually also acknowledged the name ‘Jack’. He was known as ‘Jack’ to his family and friends for the rest of his life.

Lewis was also an academic professor at both Oxford and Cambridge. After being demobilized after World War I, he finished his studies at Oxford and received a First in Greek and Latin Literature (Honour Moderations), Philosophy and Ancient History (Greats), and English. He was an English Literature Fellow and Tutor at Oxford from 1925-1954. In 1954 he accepted the newly founded chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge.

Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien were very good friends. They were both English faculty at Oxford and were also part of the literary group, the ‘Inklings’. The first of Lewis’ Space Trilogy book was written after a conversation with Tolkien in which Lewis agreed to write a ‘space travel’ story and Tolkien would write a ‘time travel’ story. Out of the Silent Planet is Lewis’ contribution. Tolkien started his story The Lost Road, but did not finish it.

As a child, Lewis was captivated by anthropomorphized animals such as Beatrix Potter’s stories. He wrote his own stories and with his brother created their own world known as “Boxen”, which was run by animals.

C.S. Lewis served during World War I. When he was 19 he was sent to the front line in the Somme Valley and fought in the trenches. He was injured when a British shell fell short of its target and he was eventually demobilized. At the start of World War II, Lewis was 40 years old. He wanted to serve by instructing new cadets, but his offer was not accepted. During World War II he served as part of the Home Guard and also spoke on inspirational broadcasts by the BBC.