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Did you know that in 1924 Edwin Hubble reported his discovery that the stars of the Andromeda Nebula were too far away to be in our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, and that they were actually in another galaxy of their own? Many scientists disagreed with this view. They thought that the Milky Way galaxy filled the entire universe and that all the stars in the sky were part of the Milky Way. Edwin Hubble’s discovery completely changed and expanded our view of the universe.

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Bonus Facts:

Edwin Hubble measured the distance of the stars in the Andromeda Nebula. He found that they were 8-10 times farther away that the farthest stars measured in the Milky Way. Therefore, they could not be part of our galaxy, but in a galaxy of their own. The Andromeda nebula was actually the Andromeda Galaxy.

Edwin Hubble’s discovery fundamentally changed the scientific view of the universe and was the beginning of the study of extragalactic astronomy.

Some of Hubble’s more renowned colleagues dismissed Hubble’s findings, but he still published his discovery.