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Did you know that in 1420 Beijing became the capital city of the Ming Dynasty and the Forbidden City was completed? The Forbidden City served as the palace and government center for Chinese emperors from 1420 to 1912, almost 500 years. The ‘city’ is 3,153 feet long and 2,470 feet wide. There are 980 buildings and more than 8,800 rooms. The palace wall is 26 feet high, and the moat is 171 feet wide and 20 feet deep. It took 14 years and more than one million workers to build the Forbidden City!

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Bonus Facts:
Beijing can be translated as “Northern Capital”. The co-capital Nanjing can be translated as “Southern Capital”.

The Ming Dynasty was not the only dynasty to use Beijing as their capital. The Yuan Dynasty also designated Beijing as the capital.

The Forbidden City was home for 24 emperors and their households.

The Forbidden City or Palace Museum is a World Heritage Site.
Other names for the Forbidden City also include the “Forbidden Palace” or “Zijin Cheng”. “Cheng” means city. “Zi” was the name for the North Star, where the Celestial Emperor was though to live. The Forbidden City was the worldly equivalent of the Celestial Emperor’s home. The “Jin” in the name means ‘forbidden’, since no one could enter or leave the city without the emperor’s permission.