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Did you know that George Albert Boulenger was born today in 1858? He was a Belgian-British zoologist who described and assigned scientific names for over 1096 species or kinds of fish, 872 kinds of reptiles, and 556 kinds of amphibians. He also wrote more than 875 papers and articles on these animals. Those who worked with Boulenger said that he was very methodical and also had an amazing memory.

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Bonus Facts:
George Albert Boulenger was also a botanist. He primarily studied roses and published 34 papers on roses and other botanical topics.

George Albert Boulenger was invited to work at the Natural History Museum, a part of the British Museum, to catalog their collection of amphibians. However, to be eligible for that position, he had to become a naturalized citizen of the British Empire.

George Albert Boulenger could also speak French, German and English. He could read Spanish, Italian, and some Russian. From his work as a zoologist he also had some knowledge of both Greek and Latin.