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Did you know that Henry J. Heinz was born today in 1844? He is the founder of the H. J. Heinz Company and a leader in the campaign to manufacture safe and sanitary food. The Heinz Company is best known for their ketchup. The slogan of the company is “57 varieties”. Henry J. Heinz chose the number ‘5’ because it was his lucky number and ‘7’ because it was his wife’s lucky number.

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Bonus Facts:
Henry J. Heinz successfully lobbied for the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act. The Pure Food and Drug Act addressed the issue of unsafe foods. At the time, many foods and medicines were mislabeled, made in unsanitary conditions, contaminated, or manufactured with ingredients that were poisonous, harmful, or addictive. Medicines that were ‘soothing’ contained vast quantities of opiates, breads were made using sawdust or gypsum as fillers, formaldehyde was used as food preservatives, and more.

Under his leadership, the Heinz Company was also well known for treating their workers well. He provided employees with medical care and recreational and educational opportunities including gyms, swimming pools, gardens, libraries, free concerts, free lectures and more.

The Heinz Company makes far more than 57 products. Currently it manufactures thousands of products for markets in more than 200 countries. Many brands are part of the Heinz Company including Classico, Delimex, Ore-Ida, Wyler’s, and more.
The Heinz Company sells 650 million bottles of ketchup each year.