Did you know that the United States Department of the Treasury was created today in 1789? The first leader of the United States Department of the Treasury was Alexander Hamilton. The Department of Treasury is responsible for managing the finances or money matters for the country. This includes: paying the bills of the United States; collecting taxes and duties; and producing the paper bills, coins, and postage of the United States. You can tell which mint created a coin by looking for a small letter next to the head of the coin.

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Bonus Fact:

Alexander Hamilton was asked by George Washington to serve as the first Secretary of the Treasury. He had a major role in developing the United States’ financial system. Alexander Hamilton appears on the 10-dollar bill, a picture of the Treasury Department appears on the other side of the bill.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes paper money and postage stamps. Coins are made in the United States Mint. You can tour the Bureau of Engraving and printing or the US Mint!