Did you know that Edgar Rice Burroughs was born today in 1875? He was an American writer who wrote almost 100 fiction stories and is best known for the characters Tarzan and John Carter of Mars. The settings for his stories include other planets, the African jungle, lost islands, the wild west, and more. Not all of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ early stories were successes and he wanted to give up writing. He was told to “Try again”. He did. The next story he wrote was “Tarzan of the Apes”, which became a best-seller.

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Bonus Fact:
Before Edgar Rice Burroughs tried his hand at writing, he read many stories in pulp fiction magazines. He recalls,

…if people were paid for writing rot such as I read in some of those magazines, that I could write stories just as rotten. As a matter of fact, although I had never written a story, I knew absolutely that I could write stories just as entertaining and probably a whole lot more so than any I chanced to read in those magazines.

The character Tarzan has appeared in 41 films, 57 TV episodes, cartoon strips, and more.
Some of Edgar Rice Burrough’s later works were illustrated by his son, John Coleman Burroughs.
Edgar Rice Burroughs was in Honolulu, Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He applied for and became of the oldest war correspondents in World War II.