Did you know that Mary Katherine Goddard was born today in 1738? She was the postmaster of the Baltimore Post Office and a publisher. A postmaster is the manager of a post office and is responsible for ensuring that mail is sorted and organizing how mail is delivered. A publisher prints and produces material such as books, music, pamphlets, newspapers and more. Although it was a treasonous document, Mary Katherine Goddard was one of the first publishers to print the Declaration of Independence with the names of all the signers.

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Bonus Facts:
Mary Katherine Goddard gained her experience and interest in the postal system from her father, who was the postmaster for New London, Connecticut. Her younger brother gained experience in the printing business. The Goddard Family set up their own printing press. They published several newspapers such as the Providence Gazette, Maryland Journal, and Constitutional Post.

When the postmaster general removed Mary Katherine Goddard as the postmaster in Baltimore, the citizens protested. Despite a petition from leading businessmen, she was not reinstated. Mary Katherine Goddard served as postmaster for 14 years.