Did you know that George Washington was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army on June 15, 1775? The Continental Army was created on June 14, 1775 by the Second Continental Congress. Before the Revolutionary War, each of the 13 colonies had their own state militia. With the start of the war, the colonies needed a unified and dedicated military. After the end of the Revolutionary War most of the Continental Army was disbanded. The parts that remained formed the Legion of the United States, which eventually became the United States Army.

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Bonus Facts:

George Washington served as the leader of the Continental Army throughout the Revolutionary War. Although his expenses were reimbursed, he was not paid for his service as the Commander-In-Chief.

Each of the states were responsible for providing the Continental Army with food, supplies, shelter, clothing, and equipment. State support was a constant issue through the war. The soldiers of the Continental Army often faced low or late pay, rotten food, bitter cold or searing heat, ragged clothing, and worse.