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Did you know that in the United States, today is Flag Day? Flag Day is observed on June 14th, which celebrates the adoption of the flag on June 14, 1777. The Flag Resolution of 1777 announced that the flag would have 13 alternating red and white stripes and 13 white stars on a blue background. The current flag we have now is the 28th version of the flag. It was designed by 17-year-old Robert G. Heft, who created it as part of a high school class project.

We hope that you have a distinguished day at school. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.

Bonus Facts:

Flag Day was officially established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1949.

The first flag of the United States actually did not have any stars! It was called the Continental Colors. There were 13 red and white stripes and in the upper left corner was a British Union Flag. There are many individuals listed as making the first flag, including Betsy Ross, Mary Pickersgill, and Frances Hopkinson.

While the Flag Resolution of 1777, listed the elements of the new flag of the United States, there wasn’t an official design for the flag, so the appearance of the flag depended on who was making it. Sometimes the stars were arranged in rows, in a circle or star. Also, the colors of the flag were not completely abided by. Sometimes there were just red and white stripes, sometimes red, white, and blue.

The first officially flown flag was on August 3, 1777 during the Siege of Fort Stanwix. The flag was made from cut up white shirts, red flannel from women’s petticoats, and the blue cloth of an officer’s coat.

Some other names for the flag are “The Stars and Stripes”, “Old Glory”, and “The Star Spangled Banner”.