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Did you know that Amelia Edwards was born today in 1831? She was an English author, journalist, and Egyptologist. Amelia Edwards published her first poem when she was 7 and her first story when she was 12. As an adult she toured Egypt and found the both the ancient and modern cultures fascinating. Her journey is described in her book A Thousand Miles up the Nile. Amelia Edwards worked to protect and preserve ancient Egyptian monuments and artifacts. She helped to found the Egypt Exploration Fund, which supported further studies and discoveries in Egypt and Sudan.

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Bonus Facts:

Other novels Amelia Edwards wrote include Barbara’s History, Lord Brackenbury, and My Brother’s Wife.

She stopped writing fiction novels when she started her work to protect the Egyptian artifacts and monuments. She wrote articles and contributed information to the Encyclopedia Britannica. She also went on lecture tours all over the world.

Some of the discoveries made by the Egypt Exploration Fund, which later became the Egypt Exploration Society, include the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the statue of Nefertiti of Amarna.