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Did you know that the bridge-opening celebration for the Golden Gate Bridge started today in 1937? The Golden Gate Bridge connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County, California. At first many experts said a bridge could not be built because of the deep water, powerful currents, dense fog, and strong winds. It took many years to design the bridge and about 4 years to build it. The bridge is 8,981 feet long and on average 220 feet above the water. There are two massive cables that hold the weight of the bridge. Each of the cables is made of 27,572 strands of wire!

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Bonus Facts:

The bridge opening celebration lasted one week. Before the vehicles were allowed on the bridge, it was only open to pedestrian traffic. Over 200,000 people walked across the bridge. During the 50th anniversary celebration in 1987, they closed the bridge to vehicle traffic again. The event attracted a huge number of people, 750,000 to 1,000,000; it was estimated that there were 300,000 people on the bridge causing the bridge to flex. While the bridge was nowhere near its weight limit, the 75th anniversary celebration did not attempt to have unlimited pedestrian access again.

Before the bridge, people would have to either travel around the harbor or take the ferry.
In all, there is an estimated 80,000 miles of wire in the suspension cables and 1,200,000 rivets.

The official color of the bridge is ‘international orange’. This color was picked because it is visible in the fog and it complements the natural surroundings.