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Did you know that Gaston Leroux was born today in 1868? He was a French journalist and author. From 1890 – 1907 he worked as a court reporter, theater critic, and international correspondent. In 1907 Gaston Leroux started writing fiction. He wrote more than 50 novels, short stories, and plays. His first novel was, The Mystery of the Yellow Room. But, the novel Gaston Leroux is best known for is The Phantom of the Opera, which has been adapted into stage plays musicals, and films.

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Bonus Facts:
Leroux studied law, but did not practice as a lawyer and became a journalist instead. He was present for and reported on the Russian Revolution of 1905.

Leroux inherited almost a million francs, but squandered almost all of it on wild living.

For his contribution to detective fiction, Leroux is sometimes compared to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Edgar Allan Poe.

The main character from his first novel, The Mystery of the Yellow Room is Joseph Rouletabille, who appears in several more of Leroux’s mystery novels.

The Phantom of the Opera was published as a serial in the newspaper Le Gaulois from September 23, 1909 – January 8, 1910.