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Did you know that the coordinates for the first GPS-located cache was announced in 2000? A ‘cache’ is a collection of items that have been hidden. Coordinates are sets of numbers that identify a certain location. When access to accurate GPS signals became available the sport of ‘geocaching’ grew in popularity. Geocaching is like a treasure hunt. Participants post the GPS coordinates for a hidden geocache. The geocache usually contains a log book for people to sign; sometimes there are small tokens or souvenirs for those who find the geocache!

We hope that you have a fortunate hunt day at school. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.

Bonus Facts:
The ‘first’ geocache was located at the coordinates 45°17.460’N 122°24.800W, a place close to Viola, Oregon. It was put in place by Dave Ulmer. A plaque called the “Original Stash Tribute Plaque” was placed on that site.