Did you know that James Monroe was born today in 1758? James Monroe served as the 5th President of the United States from 1817 – 1825. He was the last President that was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. President Monroe purchased Florida from Spain and negotiated other treaties that expanded the United States so it reached from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. James Monroe is also known for the ‘Monroe Doctrine’, which strengthened the United States’ and other American Colonies’ independence from European nations.

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Bonus Facts:

James Monroe served in the Revolutionary War as a Lieutenant. He crossed the Delaware River with George Washington on Christmas Day in 1776. Lieutenant Monroe was severely wounded during the Battle of Trenton. He was shot in the shoulder with a musket ball, which severed an artery. His life was saved by John Riker a young volunteer doctor.

James Monroe also served in the Senate of the United States Congress, as a Governor of Virginia, as a diplomat to France, as a Secretary of War and Secretary of State to James Madison.

When James Monroe was a diplomat to France he helped to negotiate the Louisiana Purchase. He also helped to free Thomas Paine; Adrienne de La Fayette, Gilbert du Motier the Marquis de Lafayette, and their family; and other Americans who had been Imprisoned during the French Revolution.

James Monroe supported creating colonies in Africa for freed slaves. These colonies would eventually form the country of Liberia. The capital of Liberia is Monrovia, named in honor of James Monroe. Monrovia is the only capital outside of the United States named for a United States President.