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Did you know that 330,000 people travel through the famous Times Square in New York City each day? An estimated 50 million people visit a year! It is the location for the annual ‘ball drop’ on New Year’s Eve and has been the gathering place for many historical events.

However, before April 8, 1904, the area was known as Longacre Square and was well known for making carriages. It was named after Long Acre in London, another area known for carriage making. When the headquarters for the New York Times newspaper moved to the area, Longacre Square was renamed Times Square.

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Bonus Fact:

Other nicknames for Times Square include: “The Crossroads of the World”, “The Center of the Universe”, the “heart of the Great White Way”, or “The heart of the world”.

Others call Times Square New York City’s ‘agora’. An agora is the central square in ancient Greek cities, the gathering place and ‘center’ for the athletic, artistic, and political life of the city.