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Did you know that Vincent Willem van Gogh was born today in 1853? He was a Dutch painter, known for the vivid color and emotion in his artwork. During his life, he created more than 2,100 pieces of artwork. He painted portraits, self-portraits, still life, and landscapes. Some of his more famous works include: Starry Night and Sunflowers. Sadly, most of his work was ignored until after Vincent van Gogh’s death. But, now Van Gogh is currently described as one of the greatest and most recognizable painters in history.

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Bonus Facts:

Historical accounts differ on whether Van Gogh cut off all or just part of his ear. In either case, the injury was severe enough that he collapsed and would have bled to death if he hadn’t been found and taken to a hospital.

Vincent van Gogh once wrote, “Real painters do not paint things as they are… They paint them as they themselves feel them to be.”