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Did you know that February 29th is a “Leap Day”? A standard calendar year has only 365 days each year. However, it actually takes the Earth 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 16 seconds to orbit once around the sun. Every 4 years, that extra time adds up to an extra day. After 100 years, without leap days, our calendar would be off by almost 24 days! This ‘leap day’ is added at the end of February to keep the calendar days and seasons matched up. People who are born on February 29th are sometimes called a ‘leapling’.

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Bonus Fact:
In general years, that you can divide by 4 are ‘leap years’. However, since there’s only an extra 5 hours, 49 minutes and 16 seconds each year, a full day isn’t really generated every 4 years. Only 23 hours and about 12 minutes. So adding a full day every 4 years, would add an excess of 3 days every 400 years. To make up for this, the rule is leap years occur in years divisible by 4, except for years that are divisible by 100, but not 400. So there was no leap year in 1900, but 2000 was a leap year.