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Did you know that George Washington was born today in 1732? He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was part of the Continental Congress that created the Declaration of Independence and was selected as the General and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army that fought for American independence. After the American Revolutionary War, George Washington led the convention that worked on the United States Constitution. He was elected as the first President of the United States. His image appears on the one-dollar bill and the quarter.

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Bonus Fact:

Before the American Revolution, George Washington worked as a land surveyor, officer in the Virginia militia, and plantation owner.

George Washington lost all but one of his adult teeth by the time he became President of the United States. He had several sets of false teeth made. Some were carved from hippopotamus or elephant ivory held together by gold springs, others were made using real human teeth. George Washington’s dental problems were a source of constant pain.

George Washington had red hair. He wore it powdered white, instead of wearing a wig.

George Washington consistently ranks among the top three presidents of the United States. There are many monuments built in his honor including the Washington Monument in Washington DC and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. He has been portrayed on stamps and currency, and many places are named in his honor including Washington DC and the State of Washington.