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Did you know that Juno just broke the record for being the most distant solar-powered space probe from Earth? Juno was launched in 2011 and is on a mission to learn more about the planet Jupiter. It will arrive on July 4, 2016.

Juno has three, 30-foot-long solar panels with 18,698 solar cells. It would take about 1,200 sheets of letter-sized paper to cover the surface of the solar panels! Juno’s solar panels can absorb different kinds of light, which make them more efficient than normal solar panels.

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Bonus Facts:

Juno broke the distance record on January 13, 2016.

At the Earth’s distance from the sun Juno’s solar panels can create 14 kilowatts of electricity. At Jupiter’s distance from the sun, the solar panels can only generate 500 watts.

When Juno reaches Jupiter, it will orbit the planet 33 times and study Jupiter’s structure, atmosphere, and magnetosphere.

There are 3 LEGO figures made from aluminum installed on the Juno Space probe.  They represent the Roman God Jupiter, Roman Goddess Juno, and Galileo Galilei