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Did you know that in 1957 a dog named Laika was launched into outer space on the spacecraft Sputnik 2?  Laika was the first animal to orbit the Earth in outer space.  She was part of a Soviet space program trying to learn whether animals or people could survive a launch into outer space or survive being weightless.  Laika survived the launch and weightlessness, but she did not survive the spaceflight.  Although scientists learned more about spaceflight from Laika’s flight, this mission started a debate on whether it was ethical to use animals in experiments.

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Bonus Fact: The scientists and engineers were only given 4 weeks to design and build Sputnik 2.  The spacecraft was never designed to bring Laika back to earth safely, just keep her alive for about a week.

Unfortunately, the system that would keep the spacecraft cool failed and Laika overheated and perished only after 5-7 hours after launch.