Did you know that the word ‘picnic’ possibly comes from the old French word pique-nique?  (It’s pronounced like ‘pick-nick’)  The word pique may come from the word piquer which means to pick, peck, or pinch.  The word nique may mean ‘something not important or serious’.  One of the biggest picnics took place in France on July 14, 2000.  The picnic area stretched almost 600 miles, from the northern border of France to the southern border.   Almost 400 miles of checker tablecloth  was used to cover the picnic tables!

We hope that you have a refreshing day at school.  Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things.  We Love you.

Bonus Fact: In English the Italian phrase al fresco describes a casual event eating outdoors.  However, in Italian the phrase al fresco is an expression that means spending time in jail (like spending time ‘in the cooler’).