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Did you know that Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born today in 1791?  He was a talented American painter, best known for his portraits. **  Samuel Morse also helped to invent a single-wire telegraph machine, and then he helped to create Morse code, a way to send messages using a telegraph machine.  Eventually, Morse code became the standard language used in sending telegraph messages.  Each letter of the Morse code alphabet is represented by a certain pattern of dots and dashes, long and short sounds, or long and short bursts of light.  Some form of Morse code has been used to communicate for more than 160 years now.

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** Once, Samuel had to be far from his home while working on a portrait.  While he was working on the painting he received a letter from his father that Samuel’s wife had become very sick, but was getting better.  Shortly after that, he received another letter saying that Samuel’s wife had passed away suddenly.  By the time Samuel was able to arrive at his home, his wife had already been buried. Samuel wished that there was a way to communicate quickly over long distances.