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Did you know that Ehrich Weiss was born today in 1874? He is better known as Harry Houdini, one of the greatest illusionists, magicians, and stunt performers in history. He is well known for his dramatic escape acts. During his trip through Europe he was known as ‘The Handcuff King’. In the cities he visited, he challenged local police to handcuff him or lock him in their jail cells; he was always able to escape! In other performances he escaped from locked chains, ropes, straightjackets, and other restraints. To make the stunt more thrilling he was often suspended by a rope over a street, or locked in a container that was thrown into water, or even submerged in tanks or barrels of liquid in cages or upside-down.

We hope that you have a thrilling day at school. Remember to think kind thoughts, use kind words, and do kind things. We Love You.