Did you know that the Tootsie Roll was invented in 1896?  The chocolate-flavored candy was one of the first individually wrapped ‘penny’ candies.  They were invented by Leo Hirshfield in his small candy shop.  Leo Hirshfield was an immigrant from Austria.  He did not have very much money when he moved to America, but he did have a skill – candy making.  The original Tootsie rolls were made and wrapped by hand and cost, you can guess, just one penny for each piece.  The candy was named after Leo Hirshfield’s daughter, Clara “Tootsie” Hirshfield.

The most popular flavor of Tootsie Rolls is chocolate, but other flavors include: cherry, orange, vanilla, lemon, and lime.  About 64 million Tootsie Rolls are produced each day!

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