Did you know that Ira Remsen started the department of chemistry at Johns Hopkins University?  Ira Remsen was also one of the chemists that discovered saccharin, an artificial sweetener.  An artificial sweetener is a substance that tastes sweet, like sugar, but does not come from natural sources, such as plants.

Saccharin is used to sweeten toothpaste; medicine; and ‘diet foods’ such as soda, sugar-free candy, cookies, or gum.  If you see little pink packets called ‘Sweet n Low’ in a restaurant, that packet contains saccharin.

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Bonus Fact: The discovery was an accident.  Ira Remsen noticed an odd sweet taste while eating some bread that was not supposed to be sweet.  He realized that the sweetness came from a residue on his hands from one of his experiments.  He researched what chemicals he had been working with and was eventually able to identify and reproduce the molecule he named saccharin.

(Kids, do not try this at home.  Always wash your hands well, especially when working with chemicals)