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So, you wanted to know why things melt when they get hot?  Everything is made from molecules.  When something, like water, is in a solid state, the molecules are packed so tightly together that they molecules can’t move around, they are stuck in one shape.  If you add energy or heat, those molecules start to wiggle and move, breaking that shape apart and turn from a solid to a liquid.  If you add even more heat the molecules really start to move around and turn from a liquid to a gas (steam).

The temperature where something will melt is called its ‘melting point’.  The melting point of water is 32 F.  If it is hotter than 32 F, ice or snow will melt into water.  The melting point for carbon is over 7,000 F (very, very, very hot!).  The melting point of oxygen is about -360 F (very, very, very cold).

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