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Did you know that Elizabeth Blackwell received a medical degree today in 1849?  She was the first woman to receive a medical degree and become a physician in the United States.  At the time women were not encouraged to go to college.  Elizabeth sent letters to medical schools and visited in person, asking to be allowed to study to become a doctor.  None of the schools would admit her because they said she was a woman and not smart enough to become a doctor.  Some even suggested that she disguise herself as a man so she could attend!

Eventually one school let her attend because they thought it was part of a joke; that the idea of a woman attending medical school was absurd.  She turned out to be an excellent student and gained the respect of her professors and other physicians.  As a physician, Elizabeth continued face prejudice (some male doctors would not work with her because she was a woman), but she continued to work towards making it easier for other women to attend medical school and to become doctors.

We hope that you have a ground-breaking day.  Remember to say kind words, do kind things, and think kind thoughts.  We Love You.