On a whim I entered another writing contest at the end of September.  I didn’t make the cut, but I still enjoyed the process of writing. This time the theme was ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

There were two versions of this story that came tumbling out.

The ‘dark’ version was written first (July and August were stressful I guess), but the goal was to write a story that would leave readers feeling a little more ‘satisfied’ or show ‘change’ in a character so I came up with a ‘light’ version and submitted that one.

There’s always a little pang of ‘regret’ when you don’t get picked for the team, but luckily, I still like writing.  Always have, always will.

In that I’m tenacious like a badger.  It’ll clamp down on your arm.  You can call it ugly … you can call it stupid … but guess what, you’ll still have a badger clamped down on your arm.

In the future I’ll be submitting work to more traditional arenas.  Hopefully I’ll get a little feedback on how to improve what I love doing.

Without further delay…

The Girl Who Loved Wolves – Light

The Girl Who Loved Wolves – Dark