So an integral part of my efforts to ‘sleep train’ Moomers involve me being awake enough to put her back to sleep in her own room.  I read to stay awake while helping her get back to sleep.  Once I put her in her room I stay up for another 40 minutes or so in case she comes back in.

For a while that wasn’t working out so well … it is pretty hard to stay awake in a dark room when you’ve nothing to do.  From the other side, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when someone has the light on to read …

One of the integral tools Dragon armed me with earlier this summer was an iPod app that allows me to borrow eBooks from our library.  Since then, staying awake has been a lot easier and I’ve been able to read more books (one of my goals for this year… I wanted to improve my vocabulary).

I’ve found all kinds of books.  Sci-Fi, non-fiction, fantasy, Austen/regency/Georgian/Victorian things, classics … my literary net is all-encompassing and not very picky.

The best thing about this e-borrowing is that if I start a book and don’t like it, I can easily return it and find something else.  Even better… it’s free.

At this point, we figure that I’m reading about a book ever other day.


Of course, if I’ve enough time to read that much, what does that say about how well sleep training is going?  You guessed it, we’ve a long road to travel.  A long road.