Once I actually said that to a boy I didn’t want to date anymore.  It’s not me, it’s you…

I don’t remember much about the boy, I’m sure I was trying to be nice, but as you can imagine, what was supposed to be a gentle letdown ended up being a crushing smack down.

I’ve always been prone to such misunderstandings.

When I was in high school someone once said something along the lines that it was ‘so unfair that minors can’t drink’.  Well what I heard in my mind was, it was ‘so unfair that miners can’t drink’.  I used to tell my peers,Well of course they can’t drink.  They operate heavy machinery.  It would be dangerous if they were drunk or even slightly impaired.


Then, there were the youth in asia.  It was a big debate in my senior year philosophy class.  One big view was that ‘youth in asia’ was wrong, very unethical.  I kept on wondering what people had against youth in asia.  Sure they had different cultural normals or views on the world, but to say they were always wrong?

I remember strongly stating that I supported all ‘youth in asia’.  When asked why, I said, ‘Isn’t it obvious?”  (My parents are both from Asian descent).  Wondered why people got confused at that.

Kept wondering at all the horror and hostility until someone spelled it out for me.  Euthanasia.


Then there’s the Alamo.

I used to be a supervisor for a help desk.  When times would get tough at work, when we’d be faced with an overwhelming onslaught of angry callers I’d cheerfully state for my employees in good ‘Henry the Fifth’ fashion,

“No worries!  Remember the Alamo!” 

To set the record straight, I had excellent history teachers in high school.  I know who Emiliano Zapata as well as Pancho Villa and Santa Anna.  I also know that Che Guevara is more than a guy that shows up on trendy t-shirts.

I’m sure that the Battle of the Alamo was included in our curriculum.

It’s just that somehow I thought those stalwart defenders of that little mission, won.

I mean, why else would people say, Remember the Alamo if it were not for motivation?

Alas, I have learned it is not the we-will-prevail-against-incredible-odds kind of motivation.


It is more of the gear-up-and-get-ready-for-vengence type.

No wonder I’d get a few strange looks every now and then.  Remember the Alamo! is not the most customer-friendly sentiments, especially if your customers are angry and storming the proverbial fort.   Nor it is comforting to know that your commander seems cheerful at the prospect of being completely annihilated.


I am glad to say that I can’t think of a more recent mix up, other than causing a little girl to cry when I called a mermaid a “Chicken of the Sea”.  I’m pretty sure I mean to say, “Chickie of the Sea” … I think.