I feel like scratching my eyes out.  It must be Spring.

Allergies not withstanding, I love the visual ‘idea’ of Spring.  I like the delicate pastel color templates, eggs, bunnies and ducklings (yes, I know that some of you wouldn’t peg me as a ‘bunny and duckling’ person); I like Easter Decor.

I guess it comes from being born on an Easter… anyhow.  I have found that I like the idea of fake flowers much more than taking care of the crazy garden we inherited with our house.  I shudder whenever I think about managing the hundreds of flowering plants out there.  At the same time I don’t like the idea of killing something that’s growing well (in some cases a little too well).

This year we’re marking where everything is so we can make an ‘informed decision’ for next year.  I wonder, if you unearth a bulb, can someone else plant it?  Perhaps I’ll move them from yard to container.  Yes.. I like container gardening.  It seems much neater, especially when you have a yard as small as ours.

Well, we’ll see.  For now I’m still waiting.  The dogwood trees and kwanzan cherry trees in our yard are about to bloom!