It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a month since I started my ‘sabbatical’.

Life is good to me though, it’s kept me busy with a sick Moomers, sick Dragon, sick Monkey.  We kept Moomers out of nursery for a few weeks to see if we could break the cycle of illness.  No luck.  Once we go back, without fail her nose starts to leak the following Wednesday or Thursday.  Oh well.  At least she doesn’t resist when I wipe her nose; she actually requests it!

As I wished, I’ve had time to do laundry.  Unfortunately, as life would have it, our laundry pump broke so I could not use the washer unless I wished to bail out water from the laundry tub using a bucket after each cycle.  It’s been a while since I washed things by hand, and it’s a great lesson in gratitude.  We were able to find a good plumber though, and all is fixed now.  The piles of laundry are slowly receding.

The piles of books and boxes in our storage room are also slowly receding.  I finally have the time to sort through all that stuff.  Moomers is a ‘big help’.  She loves to help review and rearrange the piles I make of our books and other things.

While staying busy, I’ve also tried to stay balanced and take time for a few crafts of my own.  I’m sticking to small things right now.

These are little felt flowers that clip on to baby headbands.  I made a few for my baby niece (Moomers does not abide such things).   It’s a quick project that I can finish in a few hours.

As I become more proficient with managing the household, perhaps I’ll ‘reward myself’ with time to do something more complex.  But, until then it’s just something fun to do (which reduces the stockpile of felt I found while unpacking).