Things have been pretty busy. I’ve posted in the family blog little and here even less.  So… a quick catch up

I’m still working  part time as an Information System Engineer and watching the Moomers at home.  It  is a little more challenging now since the Moomers is more mobile and there’s more for her to get into as well. 

At church I’m the Ward Information Specialist.  I take care of the ward website, the sunday programs, and the bulletin board. 

I haven’t had much time to craft.  I barely had enough time this year to make our Halloween costumes, but I did get them mostly done. 

I have found a way to write more.  I applied to be a ‘program monitor’ for a television station.  I watch 1 show a week and write a short report about the show.  It’s good practice.

Well, that is that.  Better check on dinner before it burns.